Monday, January 25, 2010

Dreamy Mittens

I feel like knitting another pair of Noro mittens, something colorful before I start knitting sweaters with gray and black. Sadly I'm allergic to Silk Garden and Chirimen, I keep sneezing! But I'm okay with Kureyon...  Does that mean I'm allergic to their silk!? 

Aren't they pretty? Very dreamy... Color number is 150.

I started knitting yesterday using Carola Haglund's Kolenya pattern.  The color turned out so beautiful!  I had to search for the same color ways from another skein to match the both mittens, I'm glad I did.

I pretty much followed Kolenya's pattern using 3.25mm needles, but I didn't like the shape of the thumb and it was too small only having 15 stitches.  So I only decreased between the thumb and index finger (where you picked up the stitches) once by knitting 2 together after picking up and knitting all the stitches for the thumb.  I decreased once more between the thumb and index finger (the same spot) a couple rows before the knit 2 together decrease for the tip.  This way the decrease is not so obvious that the shape won't turn out like an eggplant or a squash!



Noro works best with a simple pattern, I really like how they tuned out.  It's just not so dreamy anymore like I named the title since I omitted most of the purple this time.  More like a lagoon?  I better start naming things after finishing a project.  I'll keep that in mind...

I have some left over yarn, maybe fingerless gloves?

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  1. Those are so pretty! I really like the colors, they look like they would fit really nice and be comfy. =D Fingerless gloves would look great in that color too! I would say yes? haha