Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sophisticate Cardigan and Knit Along

I started knitting for Valentine's Day.  I'm knitting a cardigan for my dude.  The pattern is called baby sophisticate, it's a baby boy's sweater with the shawl collar.  He's not having a baby but I'm using DRIH's mods to make a men's sweater.

Used needle size is 5mm and the yarn by Lang Yarns Tosca Jaspé.

I finished the yoke, so far so good!  I'm in the middle of endless stockinette stitch for the body right now...  A skein a day is my goal.

Today I was browsing Groups on Ravelry and found out there is a group called Sock a Month!  Isn't this a perfect group for me to be in.  (This year I declared to knit a pair of socks every month for new years resolution.)  It got me curious, I did more research on KAL (knit along) groups, ended up joining 10 Shawls in 2010 where you're oblige to knit 10 shawls during 2010 and  IntSweMoDo2010 which is short for International Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon, who's goal is to knit an adult size sweater each month....

Here's the finished purple cowl my daughter made. She says she's going to make a matched pair of mittens next!

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  1. She knitted that? =o It looks so pretty, I like the color she picked! Aw, that's so great that she's learning how and enjoying it!

    The sock group sounds like it'll be really fun, plus you make it look so easy! I like the idea of 10 shawls in 2010 that's kinda cool! The intimidating one for me would be the sweater a month group, haha, I'm sure it's cake for you though! ;)