Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top-Down Raglan

I was going to finish this project before Christmas.  I was procrastinating a bit...  knitted a pair of gloves (which was also due on Christmas), a mitten I didn't get to finish, and a clapotis...  but I finally finished the endless "k, k, k, k...." of the cardigan sleeves and now it's blocking!

This is my daughter's cardigan, I made one size smaller than the smallest size of the actual pattern using 3 skeins of Cascade Yarns 220 Heather.  Here is the link for the pattern Easy Top-Down Raglan by Laura Chau.  It's free!

I also added some cables and etc on the front to be pretty enough for a girl.

I don't have good lighting in the house, so the photo turned out a bit dark.

I'll take better photos after blocking ;)

1 comment:

  1. That's so pretty, I like the detail down the front. Definitely perfect for a girl. Wow, how long did this take you? I'm sure she really likes it! I really like the color too. =)